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I realised that the coat of arms of the village of Arques has been made up of two letters: the "A" and "M". So the Secret of the Churches-pattern is related to the "Alpha and the Omega". In other words: the Secret of Blanchefort is the Mystery of Christ.

Wapen Arques

Idem, op de kaart


In this website I have shown you that the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau and the Blanchefort Secret have the same origins as the Blanchefort-geometry and the Churches-pattern that I discovered. Everything points towards the Secret Place at the edge of the Cardou mountain. In addition the coat of arms of the village Arques taught me even more. If you study the pattern well, you see that it is formed from two letters: A and M, the alpha and the omega. Or, the Secret to which this patterns points, is the Secret of Christ!

In the beginning, the many speculations about Christ’s grave in France seemed to be farfetched to me and too sensational to be true. But from my own investigations I could conclude that there is a chance that the Secret Place is Christ’s Grave!!! This cautious conclusion will not be a surprise for many, however for others perhaps laughable. A third group may consider is blasphemy. However the existence of a historical Jesus must be seen as separate from the belief in a religious Christ. In reference to this I quote from my encyclopedia, where the following was written in 1977: “Some theologists agree that the belief in the living Jesus must take preference above the belief in the historical reliability of this. They point to the fact that the New Testament shows no mention of the rising of Jesus to neutral witnesses of his opposers. In this perspective Christs Resurrection is foremost a belief statement, just as difficult to control historically as the statement that the Kingdom of God is near." Which is why Pope Johannes XXIII statement in 1960 (at the beginning of this Chapter), put the emphasis on “Jesus’ suffering” and not on his death and resurrection.

Finally, this conculsion brings us to the question why for eight centuries noone ever told a thing. Why noone ever told what the Secret was. The reason is that the Secret originated at a time when the Church of Rome had an unknown power. According to me, Jesus did actually survive the crucifixion, but his body was taken later to France by the Templars. Noone was allowed to know the secret at that time. It undermined the authority of the Church. If someone said something that was not in line with the Church order, then he was severely punished. That was why noone said anything and whoever did say something ended up on the fire heap. The Templars know all about this: it led to their destruction. This situation existed for a long time. Only in our time has there been more openness, that made Pierre Plantard decide to make the Secret known little by little. Things that were previously seen as heretic can now be said more or less without consequence. And sometimes they are said, but are waved off as false and sensational. Ï only tell you what you want to know”, is what I heard my computer say via Internet whilst I was looking for information on the Priory of Sion. But perhaps it is time to say what we actually do not want to know...