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The parchments found by Saunière supllied information about the Lords of Rennes-le-Château: a genealogy dating from 1244, one from 1608 and a will from 1695. It is not known where these documents are now. The other documents were published in the booklet "Le Trésor Maudit" in the 1960s:

The small document has a code in French. The translated text reads: "For king Dagobert II and Sion is this treasure and he is there dead". There are also the letters "PS", which according to many stand for "Priory of Sion". Various signs in the documents seem to be an invitation to construct certain geometric patterns.

The large document also contains a code, hiding a text in French.Translated it reads: "Shepherdess no temptation that Poussin and Teniers keep the key peace 681 by the cross and this horse of God I complete (destroy) this demon guard at the noon hour blue apples". Also here signs seem to indicate certain geometrical patterns. The writers Andrews and Schellenberger claim that parts of the text refer to locations around Rennes-le-Château. By means of a complicated construction they then discovered that the "treasure" must be hidden on the slopes of the Cardou mountain; a spot which is also referred to in a different way...



The Pech Cardou from Le Bézu