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Part 3: Revelations.

After Corbu had Saunière’s story printed in the newspaper in 1956, more and more about the subject was published in France. Responsible for this flow of information was the so-called "Prieuré de Sion" ("Priory of Sion"), resulting from the Order of Sion. Among its leaders are many familiar names. The goal of the Priory was said to be the rehabilitation of the Merovingian dynasty. In order to achieve this, small amounts of background information about the mystery have slowly been released.

Part 3 describes a number of revelations and findings by others which have led to discoveries of my own. I shall start with the parchments Saunière was said to have found.

"Le Trésor Maudit"

Calvaire RLC

Detail calvaire: "Christus AOMPS défendit"