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So within a short period there was the rise and fall of the Cathars, the Grail legends and the Templars. Only one group of Templars was spared: the garrison that was encamped in the castle of le Bézu, south of Rennes-le-Château. In all this the Blanchefort family played an important role. It was clear that this family enjoyed protection...

The Blanchefort family was said to be in possession of a secret that had been passed down for centuries. Its last descendant was Marie de Negri. She passed the secret on to le curé Antoine Bigou who wrote the secret down in code on her tombstone and in the documents. This secret was discovered by Saunière. Was there a connection between the secret and one of the treasures mentioned?

In search for the answer to this question, you will find in Part 3 a number of discoveries made in the past century.

Castle near Le Bézu :

Château d'Alberdun

Château de Blanchefort

Citerne of Blanchefort (with the Pech Cardou)