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In 1096 Godfrey of Bouillon undertook a crusade to the Holy Land in order to liberate it from the Turks. In 1099 he founded the "Order of Sion", at the head of which was Hugues de Payen who in 1118 founded the order of the "Templars". In 1099 the order of the Hospitallers, for the care of pelgrims was founded.

In 1127 the Templars returned to France. The order grew immensely and its members donated their possessions to the order. Envious of their wealth, Philip the Fair decided to seize them all in 1307. In 1312 the order was dissolved by the Pope. Their estates were passed on to the Hospitallers, but their other possessions have never been recovered...

Godfrey of Bouillon

Knight Templar