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During the summer holidays of 1989 we visited Rennes-le-Château. The village was very quiet. While strolling around we were able to have a close look at the church, the Villa and the prominent tower on the edge of a steep rock. At night we had dinner at the restaurant. On the wall there were pictures, among other things of a statue at the entrance of the church. It appeared to be the devil Asmodeus, the guardian of all secrets. Not realising what exactly the meaning was of what we had seen, we returned home. Only after having read various books on the subject did its meaning dawn upon us. Two years later we visited the village again but now better prepared. Unfortunately the village was no longer quiet. It had received much publicity and business was booming. Of course we had a look at all the details we had read about and visited the museum but the atmosphere had changed. Back again in the Netherlands I read still more books about the Mystery. Among other things there was a reference to geometric patterns in the region. New publications followed. In the autumn of 1998 we made plans to visit the region again. In preparation I studied the map of the region. It proved to be the beginning of a new search...

Location Rennes-le-Château

Rennes-le-Château from Blanchefort


The church

Villa Béthania


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